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National Ataxia Foundation

National Goings On & Things To Be "In The Know"!

                                             "This is from NAF's website"

NAF hosts one of the largest Ataxia gatherings in the world – the Annual Ataxia Conference (AAC). At the conference we learn, share, network, and have fun! The 2019 AAC was held in Las Vegas, NV on March 29-30, 2019. It was titled, “Ataxia: A Treatable Disease.” This theme was woven throughout the conference sessions. Our goal was to help others learn the best treatments for Ataxia

Go to www.ataxia.org for more on the Annual Ataxia Conferences


Florida's Treasure Coast Ataxia Support Group is holding it's 2nd Annual Walk n' Roll To Cure Ataxia

Scheduled for Saturday, May 18th, 2019

As the saying goes..."Go BIG or Go HOME!" 


We have NO intention of going home; in order to go BIG, we need you're help.  Your BRAIN POWER, MUSCLE POWER, TIME, ENERGY, & the most important element we need you to be ALL IN - COMMITTED!!!!!

***NOTE to FILE, there has been NO mention of donating MONEY!!!!***

Ataxians, their care-givers, and those who support them need to rally the South Florida Community and breathe awareness into these nightmarish diseases we are all grappling with in our own dysfunctional, YET functional way!

Yes, it's an oxymoron, isn't this entire crappy hand we've been dealt!

So, despite our physical challenges, let's demonstrate our fortitude, unity, ability to contribute to awareness, and progress towards research, treatment, & ultimately a cure!

If you are interested in being ALL-IN, please click on the button below and let us know you'd like to be involved!

National Calendar of Events....