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Doctors & Physical  Therapists

Physical Assistance

University of South Florida (Tampa):  Ataxia Research Center

  • Theresa A. Zesiewicz, MD FAAN 

  • Tracy Jones, ARNP

  • (813) 396-9478

University of South Florida (Tampa): Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Sciences

  • Heidi Piccione, PT, DPT

  • Jeannie B. Stephenson, PT, PhD, NCS

  • (813) 974-8870

Pilates for Living

In-Step Mobility Products, Inc.

  • U-STEP Walker for Neurological Diseases

  • 1-800-558-7837

Motion Therepeutics 

  • BalanceWear stability vest

  • Cindy Gibson-Horn, PT (Vest Inventor)

  • 888.330.2289 Voice

Ataxia & Fitness

  • Facebook Group (need to join)

  • Championed By Fellow Ataxian

Ataxia Rocks

on Facebook​

This is just a start. You know how there are groups in counties out there painting rocks then placing them in special locations to be found. Well, thought of this idea because of one person talked about this. So I created the group page. The idea is for this to be nationally.

You can paint a rock, but on the other side of it, put "#Ataxia Rocks" and your county & state your in. If you can, please add www.ataxia.org, that would be great too. Let's have fun. Here's the link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/864677347039596/

Ataxian Owned Business

Hand-Made Hemp Key Chains

  • Made by an Ataxian, Carly Magnuson

  • The key chains are NOT made en-mass:  they are a "labor of love"!

  • If you are interested in one or more &/or would like them customized with individual's name(s) or type(s) of Ataxia:  please click on the button below.