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Remaining A Vital Member of Society

Taking A Gamble







Monday, August 12th 2013:  The Bass Pro Shops, Store #73 Job Fair took place in Port St. Lucie, FL.  My world changed. 


Since becoming symptomatic, finding part-time work:  even with the assistance of Vocational Rehabilitation,  was daunting to say the least.  Bass Pro Shops, sat down with me, and ultimately hired me! 


September 14th 2013:  Orientation for Bass Pro Shops, Store #73.  They took a big chance on me!  A woman on disability, able to work minimal hours monthly;  not able to move around a sales floor as would most retail employees.  How would I contribute?  They took a HUGE gamble on me! 


I distinctly remember calling my family after orientation feeling I’d hit the lottery;  not once in my life, but twice, as-far-as employers go!  I remember saying, “I would follow this man through fire!” -referring to Craig Scarborough (pictured above shaking my hand at the job fair).  Everything he, and the entire Management Team uttered was 100% on-point.


On July 5, 1995, I was blessed to begin a thirteen year career under the phenomenal guidance of, Joseph P. Goryeb, Sr. with Champion Mortgage Co., Inc.!


I began as an Administrative Assistant and ended my tenure as a Sales Manager, supporting a team of ten professionals.


His organization ingrained in me the Core Values of: Integrity-Respect-Commitment in all things!


Leading by example, and focusing on the work process, issue or behavior, NOT on the person. Among many others!


Now, I felt as-if I had been given the same family again...little did I know how right I was!






Driving Stops


My symptoms had gotten systematically worse.  Though I walk and sometimes speak as-if I’m intoxicated it has non of the happy side effects of drinking:  I assure you! 



Co-Workers Step-Up


I have Spinocerebellar Ataxia Type 7...say that ten-times fast, aka SCA-7.  The result of the worsening symptoms is that I stopped driving.  This, is where the entire store has helped me remain a contributing part of society!  I am able to continue working between 10 - 25 hours each week because so many of my co-workers rallied around me to insure I have transportation to and from work.



The Santa Croce SCA-7 Saga


I’d like to note that I am carrying this baton that has been passed from my Pop Pop, to my Uncle Freddie, and to my Dad then to my brother Donald and to my sister, Cindy and I.  We lost Pop Pop, Freddie, and Donald, and thankfully still have Dad and Cindy, but they are not able to work.  I am sticking it out for as long as my cheering section at Bass Pro Shops will have me!










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